Our Electric Overheight Frame is now Wi-Fi enabled!
wifi overheight frame Tec Container

At Tec Container, we continuously strive for research and innovation. We are proud to announce that our Electric Overheight Frame BA-030E4 is now equipped with Wi-Fi function. Along with a software designed for computers, this new Wi-Fi feature will make the use and maintenance much easier than ever before. Here is a video of this new functionality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3HDV2xInXs

Characteristics of the Wi-Fi function

  • A software that connects the over height frame to a laptop
  • Maintenance team can see and monitor 12 indicators (e.g. battery level, number of cycles, usage time etc.) that display real-time information and current status of the frame at the terminal
  • To secure the process of unloading and uploading operations, the overheight frame provides the real-time status of the sensors. This enables the team to detect any incidents or faults occurred during the operation, which makes it easier for the maintenance team to find solutions for any faults found.

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