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TEC Container Asia Pacific: Shore Power Solutions 

Why Shore Power?

Shore power, shore supply or alternative maritime power (AMP) provides electrical power to ships in port by connecting them to on-shore power supplies. Shore power technologies have been used to connect ships to on-shore power supplies since the 1980s, when the process was known as “cold ironing”.

Reduced costs, fewer emissions and less environmental impacts are just some of the benefits of our shore power technologies. Switching off a ship’s engine when in port results in cleaner, safer and more environmentally friendly ports and significant savings as your ship will burn less fuel.

We believe in the importance of sustainability. Shore power technologies are becoming legal industry requirements due to their efficiency and environmental benefits, and TEC Container prioritizes keeping ahead of the game by improving our sustainability and reducing our environmental impact.

Your safety is our highest concern. That’s why TEC Container’s shore power technologies are designed to suit different ship and port requirements and meet international shore power connection standards (ISO/IEC/IEEC 80005) to ensure safe, reliable power conversion and transfer. We’re committed to meeting international standards and ensuring our technologies and services are of the highest quality.

Contact TEC Container today on 1300 884 145 (or +61407818887 for international calls) to put your company ahead of the game with reliable, industry-standard shore power solutions, and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

OPS Installation Components

Electrical Conversion

The first stage in supplying a ship with shore power is electrical conversion. Ships with a frequency of 60Hz will need to install an electrical frequency converter to power the ship from a port’s electrical grid rather than fuel. Electrical frequency converters convert the local port’s power to be compatible with the ship’s input frequency and voltage, making it possible to connect to the various voltages of ports around the world.

Most ships operate at 60Hz frequency; however, the local grid power in most ports is 50Hz. TEC Container’s frequency converters convert shore power electricity to a frequency that is suitable for your ship’s systems.

Electrical Distribution

Next, the electrical power needs to reach the ship. Shore power is distributed to the ship through underground cables run through a conduit, which can be up to 5km long. Our cables are flame-retardant with an outer covering resistant to oil, sea air, sea water and solar radiation (UV), so ensure they are long lasting and reliable.

Cable Management Unit

Cable management units facilitate the electrical cables’ distribution to the ship. TEC Container offers a variety of fixed crane or mobile units with cable reel or multi cable storage options. We also offer monitoring of maximum cable tension and maximum cable pay-out to ensure your power supply system is running as efficiently as possible.¬†

Shipboard Connection

All TEC Container’s plugs are in accordance with IEC 60309-1 and IEC 60309-51 and have pilot contacts for continuity verification of the safety circuit. This ensures that your ship’s connection to the shore power supply is safe and reliable.


TEC Container supplies a variety of fixed crane units for ease of operation and utility.

Fixed crane with a motorized column

These cranes are permanently fixed to the ground in a given location, and the motorized columns operate in a two-dimensional horizontal space. This saves storage space which mobile crane units require when not in use. Fixed cranes are durable and can lift heavy loads, and will save workers both effort and time as they minimize changing of equipment. If you provide a standard or consistent shore power service that requires repetitive work and lifting heavy loads, then a permanent fixed crane will likely be the choice for you.


Telescopic crane

Telescopic cranes are fixed in a permanent location and have the additional benefits of a telescopic arm. The telescopic arm allows for more flexibility and a higher reach than a crane with a motorized column, meaning it can operate at different heights according to vessel requirements. If your shore power services require flexibility of movement to meet the needs of a range of different vessels, telescopic cranes provide an excellent solution.


Articulated jib crane

Articulated jib cranes provide excellent flexibility, allowing them to access a variety of positions that other, less flexible cranes cannot. These cranes are ideal if your services require precise positioning in locations which are difficult to reach by traditional cranes, as they excel in maneuvering around corners and reaching onto vessels.





Trailer crane units can be towed to the shore power site when required, meaning that there is no equipment taking up space when it is not in use, and it can be positioned in a variety of locations depending on your services. Trailer transport systems enable flexibility and mobility, are quick to set up and take up minimal space. If your shore power services require a variety of different crane units, taking advantage of our trailer transport system will ensure you always have the right crane for the job on hand.


Self-propelled vehicle (operated with remote control)

Self-propelled mobile crane vehicles have the flexibility of being mobile with additional safety benefits due to being operated by remote control. The operator can control the crane from a safe distance while moving around the site allowing for better visibility and accuracy. This benefit of improved visibility allows transport operations to be undertaken with more efficiency, meaning there are less errors and delays in your shore power services.



Cable reel storage

Mobile cable reel storage systems allow the cables connecting vessels to shore power to be handled safely during connection and disconnection operations in accordance with IEC standards. They provide straightforward handling, increase safety, protect cables against damage in the marine environment and minimize occupational hazards caused by loose cables. Mobile cable reel storage systems also eliminate the workers’ need to haul cables along the port, making operations faster and easier. The storage system can also compensate against ship movement and tidal changes and avoid slack cables and exceeded tension limits by maintaining an optimum cable length.


Multi-cable storage for cable on both ship and harbor

TEC Container provides multi-cable storage systems which manage the cables from both the ship and the harbor during shore power connection. Our storage systems can manage cables both shore side and on the vessel, ensuring safety and minimizing occupational hazards during the connection process. This system provides the same levels of safety and handling ease as the cable reel management system yet has provisions for differing connection needs.


Crane system (cable reel or multi-cable storage)

To cater to our clients’ configuration requirements, all crane units or storage systems can be fixed or mobile to provide the best solution for any shore power service. Contact TEC Container today on 1300 884 145 (or +61407818887 for international calls) to discuss which crane units or storage systems are right for your shore power services.