Forklift Truck Attachments

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Transform your forklift into a multi-purpose vehicle using Forklift Truck Attachments

Considered transforming your standard forklift truck into a multipurpose vehicle, making your work simpler and more profitable?

If you need to load, unload or handle special cargo, slabs, coils and large bags using your forklift truck, we can come up with a solution for you. Our forklift truck attachments come in 3 categories to cover a huge range of lifting applications:

  • Multipurpose hooks
  • Special forks and clamps
  • Coil handlers

Every forklift truck attachment we sell is designed and manufactured in compliance with relevant safety regulations. We understand that reliable, compliant equipment is essential to the smooth operation of your freight handling operation.

Multipurpose Hooks


  • This model for 32T is a simple design to convert a standard forklift truck into a multipurpose vehicle
  • This is due to the special rotary hook below the main structure
  • SWL can be adapted to your needs.

    Coil Handlers

    Rotary coil handler


    • This best-selling coil handler easily converts a standard forklift truck into a powerful coil handler
    • It offers the capability to load and unload coils at a range of different angles without any movement required by the forklift truck
    • The number of movements needed is reduced, similarly there is a reduction in risk for the driver and ground staff
    • This clever solution also reduces handling time and cost
    • The rotary coil handler is attached using a mechanical latching system
    • It allows for 180 degree rotation, using the hydraulic power provided by the forklift.

      Fixed coil handlers


      We have a wide range of fixed coil handler options and models.

          • Single, double, triple and quadruple coil holders to minimise handling time
          • Optimise the loading and unloading process and decrease the number of cycles
          • Offering a safe process while minimising cost
          • SWL and main dimensions are customisable according to your needs
      ba 138 multiple coil handler min

      Special Forks and Clamps

      Multiply the use of your forklift truck with special forks and clamps.

          • If you need wider, higher or stronger forks for your forklift truck, we have double, triple and quadruple forks with telescopic or fixed movements
          • These special models can handle, load and unload items such as iron and steel rods, slabs, wires and so on.
      forklift attachment black

      Our Largest Fork – 4 prongs and 9 metres wide


      • Ready to take up to 30 tons SWL
      • Each fork is 2.5m long – to transform your forklift truck into a powerful machine.

      Other models are BA-137A and BA-183

      • We produce these to adapt to any fork size, width and capacity
      • Tailor-made nylon and iron protectors for your forks are available

        Boat handling forks


        We have a range of attachments for boat handling. Lift small boats with nylon sleeves for the forks, or lift larger boats with sophisticated attachments that include:

                • Negative elevation to load the boat from the water and to easily release the boat on the water
                • Hydraulic opening to lift the craft from below
                • Customisable SWL and length
        ba 172 marina boat handlers min

        Container Handling Forks


        • Spreader available to handle 20ft and 40ft ISO containers
        • Attached to forks by mechanical latching system
        • Forklift pockets according to customer requirement
        • Security pins to ensure a safe connection between twist locks and container
        • SWL variable according to customer needs
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