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Find the perfect Reach Stacker Attachment for your non-container cargo

Searching for a customised solution using reach stacker attachments to adapt your reach stacker to another use? You’ve come to the right place.

Tec Container is a specialist in adapting reach stackers beyond their standard use. Improve productivity and safety in the daily operations of your cargo handling business, with customised attachments enabling the easy handling of non-container cargo.

Load and unload special cargo, slabs, coils, wood, large bags and plenty more with our specialised equipment. You can expect solid performance, durability and innovation.

reach stacker spreader for wind blade handling

Our huge range of Reach Stacker Attachments offer endless possibilities

Universal Spreader


  • BA-110C is the universal converter for reach stackers. A 20’ structure that converts the reach stacker spreader.
  • This frame and beam turn any reach stacker into a multipurpose transporter with a lower hook and multiple lifting points for general cargo.
  • Different configurations, lengths and SWL are available according to your use and needs. A parking stand is included.
  • A must for every multipurpose terminal, warehouse or logistics area.
reach stacker attachments ba-110C tec container au
reach stacker attachments coil handler

Multipurpose Frame with Lower Coil Handler


  • This frame transforms any spreader for a container into a coil handler
  • SWL and sizes can be customised to suit your designated use and particular requirements
reach stacker attachments tandem

Multipurpose Frame with Lower Hook


  • This frame transforms any spreader into a Multipurpose transporter with a lower hook for general cargo
  • Different configurations, lengths and SWL up to 80Tons
  • Parking stand included
reachstacker attachment beam with hook

Multipurpose Beam with Lower Hook


  • This Beam transforms any spreader into a multipurpose transporter with a lower hook for general cargo
  • Different lengths, SWL are available according to your needs
  • Parking stand included
reach stacker attachment lateral coil handler

Lateral Coil Handler for Reach Stacker


  • This is an attachment that eases the load/unload of transversal coils from or to a train or truck
  • Hydraulically activated it can handle diverse sizes and numbers of coils each cycle
reach stacker attachment hook tec container au

Multipurpose Frame with Multiple Lower Lifting Points


  • This frame transforms a spreader into a multipurpose transporter with multiple lower lifting points for general cargo
  • Multiple configurations, lengths and SWL available
overheight frame for open cargo handling reach stacker

Overheight Frame for Open Cargo


  • A classic for flat racks and open cargo handling with a reach stacker
  • All options available – telescopic and fixed, fully automatic or mechanical, all sizes and heights
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