Spreader Beams / Lifting Beams

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Spreader Beams and Lifting Beams – find your perfect beam

If you’re searching for spreader beams to suit your lifting applications look no further – we have the solution. Able to lift many different types of cargo our heavy duty lifting beams meet international safety regulations and are highly customisable – meaning you get the perfect beam to suit your needs. Check out our range and options.

Our Spreader Beam and Lifting Beam Models:

    BA-182 Spreader beam

    • The best product to convert a standard spreader into a multipurpose frame
    • Using 2 of these, one in each short side of the spreader, the result is a multipurpose spreader ready to admit any load configuration
    • D-rings available
    • Up to SWL 20 Ton
      ba 182 spreader beam min

      BA-130 Multipurpose Beam

      • The standard lifting beam
      • A must for general cargo handling
      • Available from SWL 16 Tons up to 45 Tons
      • Available from 6m-12m wide
      • Other configurations available dependent on requirements
        ba 130 multipurpose beam

        BA-187 Modular Beam

            • The easiest way to have multiple beams
            • One central body and two lateral heads with varying links
            • Suitable for single or tandem cranes
            • Length and SWL customisable up to 100 Ton
        ba 187 modular beam

        BA-190 Heavy Duty Beam

            • A complete range of heavy duty beams and frames
            • Suitable for single and tandem cranes
            • The smallest model is SWL 30 Tons and largest is 100 Tons
            • Available in telescopic versions
            • Length and SWL customisable
        ba 190 heavy duty frame range min

        BA-175G Multipurpose heavy beam

        • One of the most powerful and multifunctional beams
        • Ready to be used with one single crane or two tandem cranes
        • Ready to be used with the central lower double hook or holes for shackles up to 50Ton each
        • Available from SWL 75 Tons in the central hook or 100 Tons in the lateral holes
        • Multiple options available to suit your lifting needs
          ba 175g multipurpose heavy beam

          BA-211 Simple Beam for Shackles

          • A beam to help solve loading / unloading problems
          • Single or tandem cranes
          • Length and SWL customisable
          ba 211 simple beam for shackles min

          BA-121 Beam for Tandem Cranes

          • The best solution to join two cranes into one single unit
          • Two cranes join forces into one beam
            ba 121 beam for tandem cranes min

            BA-189 Small beam / Heavy loads

            • One of the smallest beams yet one of the most powerful
            • Length and SWL customisable
              ba 189 small beam heavy loads min

              BA-186 Beam for Tandem Cranes

              • Join two cranes to a single beam
              • Length and SWL customisable
                ba 186 beam for tandem cranes min

                BA-197 – Gravity Point Regulation

                • Due to lower lifting holes, BA-197 permits gravity point regulation if loads are not balanced
                • Length and SWL customisable
                  ba 197 heavy loads beam min
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