Tec Container Asia Pacific: Brunei

Tec Container is a reference and industry leader in container handling and lifting attachments worldwide. Our clients include port and terminal owners, material handling experts, and other industrial sectors.

We offer a wide range of lashing accessories. We’re more than happy to help you create a safer and a more productive harbor environment in Brunei.

You can choose from the following products:

Container Spreaders Brunei

Here at Tec Container Asia Pacific, we specialize in delivering reliable and efficient equipment for your lifting problems. Our container spreaders and handling equipment are made of top European design and offered at affordable prices.

You can even choose to have them customized! We believe that by using the right product, you can improve safety and productivity, reduce downtime, and minimize overall delays.

Our cargo spreaders are the perfect solutions for container handling to make your work simpler yet more profitable.

We know how compliant equipment is key to the smooth operation of your business. This is why we assure you that each of our products complies with relevant safety regulations.

Heavy Duty Forklift Truck Attachments Brunei

Tec Container Asia Pacific offers standard and modified forklift attachments for your specific job. What can we say—we love the heavy stuff!

Our forklift attachments can carry loads 20T and over, and are guaranteed to comply with safety and relevant engineering standards.

We have a track record for delivering forklift attachments for coils, large bags, and special cargo. These can then be attached to special forks, coil handlers, clamps, and multi-purpose hooks.

Container Lashing Equipment Brunei

Fastening and securing equipment and containers are important in making sure your loads stay safe. This is true whether they’re just stacked or actually being transported.

Properly secured cargo is also vital in keeping the goods and your people safe. European made to fit international standards, our product range includes:

  • Container Lashing Equipment – loose and fixed lashing fittings and container stacking accessories.
  • Ro-Ro Lashing Equipment – loose and fixed lashing parts for fixing rolling stock on board or on trucks.
  • Other Lashing Equipment – twistlocks, ISO corners, and lifting lugs.

Lashing Cages Brunei

Using safety cages is proven to improve safety and reduce costs. They were even endorsed by the International Labour Organization in their health and safety report for ports in 2003!

These rescue cages provide a secure and safe environment for all your workers. We offer a wide range of lashing and personnel safety cages such as the gondola, under hook, and under spreader types.

They can be delivered with added rescue packs like safety nets, lifelines, and first aid boxes, and even electrical outlets so on-site powered rescue tools can be used!

Reach Stacker Attachments Brunei

We at Tec Container Asia Pacific are experts in designing, modifying, and constructing product-specific reach stacker attachments.

So, whether it’s a standard or an oddball product to lift, you can trust our equipment to deliver. If our standard multi-purpose frame reach stacker attachments can’t do the job, we offer special reach stacker attachments to unload wood, special cargoes, bulk bags, and more.

Just leave us a message and we’ll contact you right away to discuss your load requirements.

Spreader Beams and Lifting Beams Brunei

Is lifting wide loads troubling you? Then, our standard and customized spreader beams will be an asset to your lifting business!

Lifting and spreader beams are the most popular kinds of under-the-hook lifting devices. They’re both used to support and stabilize loads during overhead lifts.

These help keep the lifting slings to or near perpendicular to the horizon. They prevent damage to the load, hardware, and keep the slings from sliding off cargoes during a lift.

We offer standard and modular lifting beams, heavy-duty beams, and special beams that help with load balancing and gravity load regulation in tandem cranes.

Simply click here to learn more about Spreader and Lifting Beams.

Tec Container Asia Pacific Servicing the Bruneian Market

Officially known as the Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace, Brunei is located on the northern side of Borneo in Southeast Asia. It is completely surrounded by the insular state of Sarawak (Malaysia) and shares a coastline with the South China Sea.

Its government is an absolute monarchy ruled by a Sultan, who implements Islamic practices. The country has a population of 428,963 as of 2018.

Economic growth happened during the 1990s and 2000s, transforming it into an industrialized country. Next to Singapore, it has the second highest Human Development Index in Southeast Asia and is considered as a “developed country.”

In 2011, Brunei was estimated by the IMF as one of the two countries with a zero percent debt of its national GDP. Forbes also ranked it as the fifth richest nation (out of 182) based on its natural gas and petroleum fields.

When it comes to its economy, Brunei is small and wealthy, and is a mixture of village traditions, government regulations, and domestic and foreign entrepreneurship.

Brunei’s main exports include natural gas and crude oil, making it the third largest producer of oil in Southeast Asia. Brunei is also the fourth largest producer of liquefied natural gas worldwide.

Here is a list of ports in the country:

  • Port of Muara (Brunei’s only deepwater port,)
  • Port Bandar Seri Begawan
  • Port of Kuala Belait
  • Port of Tanjong Salirong
  • Seria Oil Terminal