Hong Kong

Tec Container Asia Pacific: Hong Kong

Worldwide, Tec Container is known as a reference and an industry leader in terms of container handling and lifting attachments. Our clients range from terminal, port, and shipyard owners, material handling experts, and other industrial sectors.

We have a wide range of lashing accessories to choose from. We’re happy to help you create a safer and more productive harbor environment in Hong Kong.

Our products range from:

Spreader Beams and Lifting Beams Hong Kong

Do you have wide loads to lift? Then our spreader and lifting beams are the perfect addition to your lifting equipment!

These beams help for load balancing and gravity load regulation in tandem cranes. We have standard and modular beams, heavy-duty, and special ones available.

You can click here to learn more about our spreader beams and lifting beams.

Lashing Cages Hong Kong

The use of safety cages has been proven to improve safety standards and reduce costs. They were even endorsed in the 2003 health and safety report for ports of the International Labour Organization!

The rescue cages give a safer and more secure environment for your workers. We have a wide range of lashing and personnel safety cages including the gondola, under spreader, and under hook types.

You can even have them delivered with additional rescue packs such as safety nets, lifelines, first aid boxes, and optional electrical outlets for on-site powered rescue tools.

Reach Stacker Attachments Hong Kong

Here at Tec Container Asia Pacific, we specialize in the design, modification, and construction of product-specific reach stacker attachments. So whether it’s a standard or oddball cargo to lift, you can trust our products to deliver.

We offer several standard multi-purpose frame reach stacker attachments to do the job. But if they aren’t enough, we also make customized reach stacker attachments to unload bulk bags, special cargoes, and much more.

Simply leave us a message so we can discuss your specific load requirements.

Heavy Duty Forklift Truck Attachments Hong Kong

Tec Container Asia Pacific offers standard and custom-built attachments for your specific job. What can we say—we’re experts at the heavy stuff!

All our forklift attachments are guaranteed to pass all safety and engineering requirements. Our forklift attachments are designed for cargoes 20T and above.

Our forklift attachments have a proven track record for slabs, coils, large bags, and special cargo. These can be used on special forks, coil handlers, clamps, and multi-purpose hooks.

Container Spreaders Hong Kong

We at Tec Container Asia Pacific are experts in making equipment to provide reliable solutions to your lifting problems. By using the right products, we believe you can improve safety and productivity, minimize delays, reduce downtime, and increase the overall bottom line.

Most importantly, we know how reliable and compliant equipment is essential for the smooth operation of your freight-handling business.

Whether standard or customized, our container spreaders and handling equipment are made with quality European design and offered at affordable prices.

Our products are the safest solutions for container handling to make your work easier yet more profitable. Every cargo spreader is designed and made to comply with all safety regulations.

Container Lashing Equipment Hong Kong

Securing and fastening containers and equipment are important in keeping loads safe—even when they’re just stacked or actually being transported.

The safety of goods and your people depend on how secured the loads are. Our products for the Asia Pacific market are made with European quality to meet international standards.

Our product range extends to:

  • Container Lashing Equipment – loose and fixed lashing fittings and container stacking accessories.
  • Ro-Ro Lashing Equipment – loose and fixed lashing parts for fixing rolling stock on trucks or on board.
  • Other Lashing Equipment – lifting lugs, twistlocks, and ISO corners.

Tec Container Asia Pacific Servicing the Hong Kongese Market

Hong Kong is a city and special administrative region of China. It is located in the east of the Pearl River Delta by the South China Sea.

It has a 1,104 square kilometer territory and a population of over 7.5 million. For this reason, Hong Kong is considered as one of the most densely-populated places worldwide.

Once dominated by fishing and farming villages, Hong Kong is now one of the world’s most vital financial centers and commercial ports. As of 2019, it is the world’s ninth largest importer and tenth largest exporter.

Hong Kong has a major economist economy and has a highly-developed territory that ranks fourth on the UN Human Development Index. Its economy is characterized by free trade and low taxation, too, and boasts of having the most number of ultra-high net worth people worldwide.

But, despite having one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, its residents still face severe income inequality.

Hong Kong is a large exporter of apparel, textile, machinery, and articles involving precious or semi-precious materials, and mainly imports raw materials, consumer goods, and foodstuffs. It has one main port, the Port of Hong Kong, which is a deepwater seaport and one of the world’s busiest ports.

Hong Kong also has two main terminals, namely the River Trade Terminal at Tuen Mun and the Kwai Tsing Container Terminals.

The River Trade Terminal is a 65-hectare terminal and located in Pillar Point, Tuen Mun, New Territories. It involves consolidating containers and cargoes shipped between the ports in the Pearl River Delta and the Port of Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, the Kwai Tsing Container Terminals consist of nine terminals and cover around 2.7 square kilometers. They handle about 60% of the container traffic in Hong Kong.

These terminals are:

  • Terminal 1 (CT1) – operated by MTL
  • Terminal 2 (CT2) – operated by MTL
  • Terminal 3 (CT3) – operated by DPI
  • Terminal 4 (CT4) – operated by HIT
  • Terminal 5 (CT5) – operated by MTL
  • Terminal 6 (CT6) – operated by HIT
  • Terminal 7 (CT7) – operated by HIT
  • Terminal 8 East (CT8E) – operated by HIT/COSCO
  • Terminal 8 West (CT8W) – operated by ACT
  • Terminal 9 North (CT9N) – operated by HIT
  • Terminal 9 South (CT9S) – operated by MTL

Furthermore, they are operated by the following companies:

  • Modern Terminals Ltd. (MTL)
  • Hongkong International Terminals Ltd. (HIT)
  • COSCO Information & Technology (H.K.) Ltd. (COSCO)
  • Dubai Port International Terminals Ltd. (DPI)
  • Asia Container Terminals Ltd. (ACT)