Tec Container Asia Pacific: Myanmar

Tec Container Asia Pacific: Myanmar

In terms of container handling and lifting attachments, Tec Container is an industry leader worldwide. And, now that we’re in Asia, let’s focus on the beautiful country that is Myanmar.

Our clients include ship owners and materials handling experts for their shipyards, terminals, ports, and other types of industries. We have a wide range of lashing accessories, too!

Allow us to assist you in creating a safer and more productive harbor environment in Myanmar. Our products consist of:

Reach Stacker Attachments: Myanmar

At Tec Container Asia Pacific, we design and make product-specific reach stacker attachments. You can trust our products to deliver—whether it’s a standard or an oddball product to lift!

But, there can be times our standard multi-purpose frame reach stacker attachment can’t fulfill the job.

This is why we created more types of attachments to unload bags, special cargoes, and more. Simply drop us a message and we’ll get back to you to discuss your specific load requirements.

Lashing Cages: Myanmar

Safety cages are proven to improve safety standards and reduce costs. They provide a secure and safe environment for all your workers and contractors.

Did you know that they were even endorsed by the International Labor Organization in its 2003 safety report for ports?

We offer a wide range of lashing and personnel safety cages such as the gondola, under hook, and under spreader types.

They can be delivered with added rescue packs like safety nets, lifelines, and first aid boxes. We can also include electrical outlets so on-site powered tools can be used!

Container Lashing Equipment: Myanmar

Fastened and secured containers and equipment are important to ensure your loads stay safe. This is true whether they’re being transported or even just stacked.

Aside from that, the safety of your people is also at risk if the loads aren’t properly-secured!

We make sure all our products are of European design and meet international standards. You can choose from the following:

  • Container Lashing Equipment – container stacking accessories and fixed and loose lashing fittings.
  • Ro-Ro Lashing Equipment – loose and fixed lashing parts for fixing rolling stock on trucks or on board.
  • Other Lashing Equipment – twistlocks, ISO corners, and lifting lugs.

Heavy Duty Forklift Truck Attachments: Myanmar

We offer both standard and customized forklift attachments for your specific job. We can’t help it—we love the heavy stuff!

We make sure all our attachments comply with engineering and safety standards. They’re made for loads 20 T and up, and we have a record in forklift attachments for special cargo and large bags.

These may then be equipped with clamping units, special forks, coil handlers, and multi-purpose hooks.

Container Spreaders: Myanmar

At Tec Container Asia Pacific, our expertise includes delivering equipment that provides reliable and efficient solutions to your lifting needs. With the right product, you can improve safety and productivity, reduce downtime, minimize delays, and increase your bottom line.

Trust us when we say we know how crucial it is to have reliable and compliant equipment for the smooth operation of your freight handling business.

Whether standard or customized, our container spreaders and handling equipment have quality European design and offered at affordable prices.

They’re the best solutions for container handling to make your work simpler and more profitable. Each product is made to comply with existing safety regulations.

Spreader Beams and Lifting Beams: Myanmar

Do wide loads seem to trouble you? Then, our standard and purpose-built spreader and lifting beams are an asset to your lifting equipment!

Both of these beams are the most popular below-the-hook types of lifting devices. They stabilize and support loads during a lift and make sure to keep the lifting slings below them at or close to a 90° angle.

This helps prevent damage to the load, rigging hardware, and lifting slings. Moreover, they also help keep the sling from sliding off a load while being lifted.

We offer standard, modular, heavy-duty, and special lifting beams that can then be attached to tandem cranes. Our products help with load balancing as well as gravity load regulation.

Just click here to learn more about our spreader and lifting beams.

Tec Container Asia Pacific Servicing the Myanma/Burmese Market

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is located in Southeast Asia and home to over 100 ethnic groups. It is bordered by China to its north and northeast, Thailand and Laos to its east, and India and Bangladesh to its west.

It’s the second largest country in Southeast Asia, too!

But, it’s also one of the region’s poorest countries due to the lack of workforce skilled in modern technology. Luckily, recent reforms by the new government aim to make this a thing of the past.

The country’s legal industries include gems, oil and gas, and garments. It’s big on imports, too, such as fertilizer, machinery, and other construction materials.

The Myanma Port Authority was founded in 1989 to regulate and administer the coastal ports of Myanmar. The major ports it handles are:

  • Myanmar Port Authority
  • Asia World Port Terminal
  • Myanmar Industrial Port
  • Myanmar International Terminal Thilawa
  • Myanmar Integrated Port Limited (MIPL)