AAT Enhances Efficiency by Using Tec Container Reach Stacker Frame
reach stacker attachment with double hook

Tec Container Asia Pacific has successfully delivered a BA-110CF2 reach stacker frame attachment with ramshorn double hook to Australian Amalgamated Terminals (AAT). The BA-110CF attachment/frame is attached to a Kalmar reach stacker and has been in operation at AAT’s depot at Port Kembla in New South Wales. This double hook reach stacker attachment can be utilised to lift any general cargo including tubes/pipes as seen in AAT’s case. AAT has been a long-time client of Tec Container and we are very proud to supply AAT continuously over the years.

This BA-110CF2 frame can turn any reach stacker into a multipurpose transporter with a lower hook (double or single) and multiple lifting points for lifting general cargo. Different configurations and SWL are available according to your use and need. A parking stand is included. It is a must for every multipurpose container terminal, warehouse and logistics depot.

Specifications of the BA-110C Reach Stacker Attachment

  • Capacity Safe Working Load: standard 50T
  • Length: 20 feet
  • Tare weight: 2,560KG
  • 4 lifting lugs (SWL 20T) in the centre
  • 4 lifting points (SWL 10T) at corners of the frame
  • A parking stand is provided for quick pick-up and release

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Tec Container Asia Pacific is the local agent for the Asia Pacific Region of Reach stacker attachements, Crane attachements, overhead frames, spreader beams, lashing cages and lashing equipment. We service Australia, New Zealand and most south pacific countries delivering heave container lifting equipment in the Philipines, Indonesia, Vietnam, PNG. See Tec Container Service Areas. If you are working outside this area, please contact Teccontainer.comn


reach stacker attachment with double hook