Improving Efficiency: TEC CONTAINER Asia Pacific Delivers Sem-Auto OH Frame to Linx Darwin
BA-030HT Over Height Frame at LINX Darwin 1

TEC Container Asia Pacific is proud to announce the successful delivery of a brand-new BA-030HT Telescopic Semi-Auto Over Height Frame to Linx Darwin. Linx Darwin is a prominent logistics and transportation company, specialising in providing comprehensive cargo handling services to ensure smooth and efficient operations for their clients. This innovative over height frame is designed to be the ideal middle ground between the sophistication of fully automatic models and the simplicity of manual drive models, providing a secure and efficient solution for Linx Darwin’s cargo handling requirements.

The BA-030HT is a state-of-the-art equipment that ensures smooth operations by addressing the unique challenges associated with moderate oversized cargo traffic. Its key features make it a standout choice in the industry:

  1. Efficiency: The BA-030HT streamlines cargo handling, offering a swift and efficient solution to moderate oversized cargo traffic. Its telescopic semi-auto functionality strikes the perfect balance between automation and manual control, enhancing overall operational productivity.


  1. Security: The robust design and advanced features of the BA-030HT ensure the safety of cargo, making it the ideal choice for securely managing oversized loads. Linx Darwin can now handle their cargo with greater confidence and peace of mind.


  1. Versatility: This over height frame is engineered to handle a variety of cargo types and sizes. Whether dealing with irregularly shaped items or consistent oversized loads, the BA-030HT is equipped to handle the task, providing unmatched versatility in cargo handling.


  1. Ease of Use: The BA-030HT offers the simplicity of manual control when needed, combined with the sophistication of semi-automatic features for increased efficiency. This user-friendly design ensures that operators can easily and effectively manage their cargo handling processes.

Container Asia Pacific is thrilled to deliver the BA-030HT to Linx Darwin. This delivery underscores the company’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance operational efficiency and security for its clients. The BA-030HT is a testament to TEC Container’s dedication to innovation and excellence in the cargo handling industry.

Tech Specs of BA-030H Semi-Automatic Over Height Frame:

  • Telescopic 20ft to 40ft; SWL 50T
  • Leg Height 2.5m
  • Universal: it works with any ISO type of spreader without the need of modifications
    • The main equipment (e.g. straddle carrier, quay/harbour cranes, reach stackers etc.) may need to have the override to be able to use the telescopic function of the BA-030H frame
  • Does NOT require a parking stand so it can be parked anywhere in the terminal
  • Red / Green coloured panels indicate the crane operator of the situation of the twist locks

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