Australian Container Yard Improves Its Efficiency with Tec Container Overheight Frame
tec container over height frame


Tec Container Asia Pacific has successfully delivered the BA-030HT semiautomatic telescopic (20ft – 40ft) over height frame to the prestigious container depot operator – Price and Speed Container Pty Ltd. in Sydney, Australia. This is the second over height frame that Tec Container has supplied to Price & Speed.

Price & Speed Container Pty Ltd is the largest privately owned DoA Depot and WIM Container Freight Station appended to Port Botany. As Price & Speed is approved for a wide range of DoA services, the company handles an extensive range of import and export freight including Out Of Gauge (OOG) cargo. The industry relies on DoA services of Price & Speed throughout the year and entrusts expedient cargo processing to Price & Speed. Similarly, with two yards operating 24/7, Price & Speed relies upon robust equipment. TEC Container with their innovative over height frame solutions are a perfect fit to handle Price & Speed’s OOG cargo.

semi-automatic over height frame tec container

Price & Speed commented that TEC Container overheight frames have proven to be a complete solution for their needs as they are reliable, easy to use and maintain. The ability to stow them anywhere in the yard when not in use without a dedicated parking stand facilitates our constantly changing and dynamic depot. The universal fit with Price & Speed container handlers and reach stackers have lessened Price & Speed’s overheads and provided tremendous versatility in safe cargo handling.

The BA-030H is a semiautomatic attachment for spreader, designed for handling open-top containers, flat racks and platforms. The BA-030H is a universal over height frame that can be picked up by any ISO spreaders with no need of any extra modification of it. Twistlocks are locked/unlocked, thanks to a semiautomatic mechanism that is operated by the up and down movements of the semi-automatic overheight frame tec container

Price & Speed have opted for the TEC Container semi-automatic over height frame as it facilitates both ease of use and maintenance with the added ability to telescope from 20ft to 40ft as and when required. Moreover, as they are user-friendly it enables Price & Speed staff to focus on the job at hand without having to attend to complicated equipment. Price & Speed and Tec Container are proud to be partners now and into the future.

Benefits of Tec Container semi-automatic over height frames:

  • Superior design: our over height frames are being copied by other makers, specific features of our models are seen lately in other makers’ ones
  • There are landing pins installed at every corner of the BA-030H. They lock the twistlock as long as the over height frame is not properly seated on the container
  • Continuous improvement of quality and finish
  • Detailed documentation: CE certificates, Welding Workshop Approval Certificates (DNV-GL), manuals for use and maintenance, etc.
  • 100% made at our own manufacturing site
  • All our over height frames are manufactured to the ISO 9001:2015 standard
  • High quality material: steel S355J2 in all the structural parts, while in most tenders the requirements are for S275JR or S355j0
  • Strong safety factor: above normal standards and competitors’ offerings

Specifications of the BA-030H Semi-automatic Overheight Frame

  • Fixed 20ft / fixed 40ft or telescopic 20 to 40t & 45ft.
  • Standard leg height = 2.5m
  • It requires no modification / intervention on the spreaders at the terminal.
  • Universal: it works with any type of spreader and on any type of machine.
  • Does not require a parking stand so it can be parked anywhere in the terminal.
  • Red / Green coloured panels indicate the crane operator of the situation of the twistlocks

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