Breaking News: TEC Container Unveils Cutting-Edge Electric Reinforced Over Height Frame
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Reinforced overheight frame

In a remarkable leap forward in cargo handling technology, TEC Container proudly presents its latest innovation: the BA-030E 40ft fixed Reinforced Electric Over Height Frame. This fully automatic reinforced over height frame system is a game-changer for managing oversized cargo, flat racks, and platforms, offering unparalleled benefits and strengths that set it apart in the cargo-handling industry.


Why use a reinforced over height frame? Unveiling the Structural Advancements

The reinforced design of TEC Container’s over height frame introduces significant enhancements, particularly in the central part of the frame. It boasts a larger and thicker central section, providing increased strength and durability. Additionally, larger steel ribs at each corner and detachable tie rods further contribute to the robustness of the frame, ensuring it withstands the rigors of heavy-duty cargo handling.


Universal Compatibility with Unrivalled Ease

One standout feature of the new over height frame is its universal compatibility. Designed to seamlessly integrate with any ISO spreader available in the market, the TEC Container model eliminates the need for modifications or manipulations. This universality opens up a world of possibilities for operators, enabling smooth and efficient handling of diverse cargo without any hassle.


Flexibility Redefined when using this electric reinforced overhead frame

The reinforced electric over height frame provides unmatched flexibility within terminal operations. It can be effortlessly positioned at any location within the terminal, offering operators the freedom to optimize their workflow. The absence of a parking stand further streamlines operations, ensuring a more efficient use of terminal space.


Dual Security System for Peace of Mind

TEC Container prioritises safety with a dual security system that combines both electronic and mechanical safeguards. This dual-layered approach ensures that cargo handling is not only efficient but also secure, minimizing the risk of accidents or damage during operations.


Smart Technology Integration

Equipped with a digital information screen, the over height frame provides real-time insights into usage statistics, battery levels, and operating instructions. This advanced feature enhances operational transparency, empowering users with the information needed for optimal performance.


Green Innovation: Sustainable and Efficient

In a nod to environmental responsibility, the reinforced electric over height frame incorporates solar panels, contributing to energy consumption reduction and a lower carbon footprint. TEC Container remains committed to sustainable solutions, aligning innovation with eco-friendly practices.


In conclusion, TEC Container’s Reinforced Electric Over Height Frame is a testament to innovation, versatility, and sustainability in cargo handling technology. With its universal compatibility, redundant security system, smart technology integration, and reinforced design, it sets a new standard for efficiency and safety in terminal operations. As TEC Container continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible, the future of cargo handling looks brighter than ever.


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