Betham Brothers Boosts Efficiency with Tec Container Spreaders and Attachment
tec container spreaders and reach stacker attachments in Samoa

Betham Brothers Enterprises (BBE) in Samoa has purchased another unit of a 40-foot semi-automatic container spreader from Tec Container Asia Pacific. As of today, there are three semi-automatic container spreaders (one 20-foot with 36-tonne SWL and two 40-foot with 40-tonne SWL) currently in operation at Betham Brother’s container operation depot at Port Apia, Samoa.

Additionally, BBE has also procured a BA-110CF2 reach stacker attachment with double hook. The BA-110C is the universal converter/frame for reach stackers, a structure that converts the reach stacker spreader. This frame turns any reach stacker into a multipurpose transporter with a lower hook and multiple lifting points for general cargo. It is a must for every multipurpose container terminal, warehouse or logistics depot.

Lorenzo from BBE commented: “All is well with our additional 40-foot spreader plus our new attachment. Our Operations has been more successful and time saving having two spreaders been used at same time in safety manner.”

Tec Container’s spreaders (in all its different versions) have been specially designed for lifting ISO containers. The container is picked up by all four twist locks, which are introduced into ISO corner castings installed on top of the container.

Key Features of the BA-008/009 Series Semiautomatic Spreaders

  • Fully customisable
  • 10´- 20´- 40´- 45´
  • Drawing Approved by GL
  • Electric version also available
  • Double security system to avoid failures during the lifting
  • Guides / Flippers upon customer request
  • Plates for oversized loads
  • Forklift pockets for transporting of the unloaded spreader

Specifications of the BA-110C Reach Stacker Attachment

  • Capacity Safe Working Load: 50T
  • Length: 20 feet
  • Tare weight: 2,560KG
  • 4 lifting lugs (SWL 20T) in the centre
  • 4 lifting points (SWL 10T) at corners of the frame
  • A parking stand is provided for quick pick-up and release

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Tec Container Asia Pacific delivers heavy duty lifting attachments for the south east Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. Please visit our Tec Container container lifting attachments service area page to check your region. We are very proud to have assisted BBE to increase productivity by delivering this semi-automatic container spreader to Samoa