Different Types of Overheight Frames
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Overheight frames are a great tool to improve productivity and to reduce slow operations when handling open top containers, flat racks and over-sized cargo in general. At the same time, it significantly increases the safety and security of the stevedores during those operation.

Since Overheight Frames first appeared in the market, more than a decade ago, different models have been designed and developed. Nowadays, there is a huge variety of frames with different characteristics and it is not easy to decide which one is more suitable for your specific needs according your use requirements, purchasing policies and budgeting constraints. In this article, we will explain the differences among the semi-automatic, electric and mechanical electric frames.

Semi-automatic Overheight Frame

Tec Container’s Semi-automatic overheight frame BA-030H is equipped with red/green panels to inform the operator of the situation of the twistlocks. It also includes security probes that prevent false opening and closing of the twistlocks.overheight spreader tec container asia pacific

Fully Electric Overheight Frame

The other option that you should consider when buying an Overheight Frame is the Tec Container Fully Electric Frame BA-030E.  In this case, there is no physical connection between overheight Frame and main spreader apart from the twistlocks. The twistlocks are operated electrically by sensors and actuators independently of the twistlocks on the lifting device. The twistlock position (open / locked) is not identical in the lifting device and the Overheight Frame. In this case, security systems are both mechanical and electronic. This frame is universal (you can use it with any reach stacker and spreader) and its ready to be used from the first day. It includes complete lights and sounds systems to indicate the position of twistlocks.

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No parking stand is needed and the overheight Frame can be left at any place at the Terminal. It short, it has more technology (e.g. Wi-Fi connection) and options. Due to this, price is slightly higher.

Electrical + Mechanical Overheight Frame

Tec Container’s Electrical+ Mechanical Frame BA-030RE combines the benefits of the BA-030E fully electric and the fully mechanical frame BA-030R. Comparing to the fully electric and fully mechanical models, it has an additional automatic union (clamp system) between the over height frame and main spreader, which adds more safety to the operators. The BA-030RE can be telescopic without any software modification and the operator can start-up the frame either automatically or manually.

Although there are significant differences in security systems, preparation times and other devices, the Overheight Frames solve the problems faced with open top containers, flat racks and over-sized cargo in general, significantly increasing stevedores’ safety. It is very important, before buying any product, that you understand all implications of mechanical, semi-automatic and electric over height frames. We will be happy to help you and solve any concern you have.

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