How to Lift a Container
container spreaders by TEC CONTAINER

As global economy and logistics continue to grow, containerisation has become increasingly important in improving efficiency of logistics chain management. However, handling and lifting a container is not an easy task. In today’s article we are going to explain 3 methods for lifting loaded and empty containers with TEC CONTAINER products.

The first method is using a container spreader. When a container is full, the operation is complicated and the lifting options are limited. Our fixed semi-automatic/electric container spreaders BA-350 (20ft or 40ft, capacity ranging from 32T to 50T) are perfectly designed for this complex and sophisticated task. To pick up the container, our spreaders are equipped with strong safety mechanism (safety landing pins) and twist locks on each of the 4 corners that correspond to the 4 ISO upper corners of the container. This is the most secure and reliable method of lifting a container with a heavy load.

The second method is using lifting chains and our GE-11 lifting lugs on each of the 4 top corners of the container. This is suitable for light container loads. To lift an empty container in the same configuration, swap the lifting chains with the wires including master links as shown in the drawing below:

Container lifting lugs TEC CONTAINER

The third method is using an “easy container spreader” like our BA-008EC (max capacity 35T, pictured below) including lower slings (20ft and 40ft lengths available) and 4 pieces of lifting lugs at each lower corner of the container. This configuration is also suitable for handling empty containers.

easy container spreader BA-008EC