Introducing Our Brand-New Pipe Spreader
TEC container pipe spreader 1

At Tec Container, we never stop innovating and breaking new ground with new product offerings. Today we are proud to introduce the brand-new spreader for handling pipes BA-318. This spreader can easily turn any reach stackers into a pipe-handling powerhouse. Please check out this video showing this spreader in operation:

Characteristics of the BA-318 Pipe Spreader:

  • Power: electrically supplied by the upper spreader and it is autonomous thanks to its own batteries
  • Max load capacity: 30t
  • Tare Weight: 15t
  • It can be picked up by any reach stackers
  • Maximum length of pipes to be handled: 14 metres
  • Minimum length of tubes to handle: 10 metres
  • It is highly customisable with different sizes and configurations to suit client needs

The BA-318 pipe spreader is equipped with the following features:

  • Sensors to facilitate simple and safe handling
  • Light and sound system that can indicate the real time position of each tube
  • Guides to help positioning and handling of the tubes and pipes