Nauru Port Enhances Its Efficiency by Using TEC CONTAINER Equipment
Over heigth frame BA-030HT at Nauru Port 1

TEC CONTAINER Asia Pacific Pty Ltd is proud to announce that Nauru Maritime and Port Authority (NMPA) has procured 3 units of BA-008/009 semi-automatic container spreaders, one unit of BA-030HT over height frames and one unit of BA-110CF2 double hook frame for reach stackers. The procurement was done by Japan International Cooperation System on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Nauru under Japan’s Grant Aide for the Economic and Social Development Programme for the Republic of Nauru.

The shipping and delivery of the equipment was carried out by TEC CONTAINER Asia Pacific in conjunction with Shinyo Koeki Co., Ltd. The equipment has been assembled by skilful engineers and has been in operation successfully since June.

Information about TEC CONTAINER Semi-automatic Over Height Frame BA-030HT:

The BA-030H is a semi-automatic attachment for spreaders, designed to handle over height containers, flat racks and platforms. It is a universal frame that can be attached to any ISO spreader without the need of modification. It is being used by major ports, terminals and stevedores around the world including the Asia Pacific region, to name a few, Qube Ports and AAT in Australia, Napier Port in New Zealand, JA COWAN in French Polynesia and so on.

Technical specifications of BA-030H series over height frames

  • Length: 20ft fixed; 40ft fixed; 20ft-40ft-45ft telescopic
  • SWL 50T
  • Free height 2.5 metres
  • Floating twist locks
  • 2 high-visibility plates to indicate the position of the twist locks
  • Landing safety pins
  • Mechanical safety interlocking pins
  • Twin-mode detection plates
  • Customised paint colour and logo according to client’s request

Information about BA-008/009 and BA-350S semi-automatic spreaders:

The BA-008/009 is a semiauto and machinal fixed spreader designed for all types of ISO containers. The BA-350S is an upgraded version of its predecessor BA-008/009. It is updated with floating twist locks. The twist locks open and close by means of a mechanism which is activated by the up-and-down movement of the wire ropes that connect the spreader to the hook of the crane, and the twist-locks open and close only if the 4 safety landing pins, seated beside each twist-lock, are properly placed on the upper corners of the container.

Technical Specs of the BA-350S semi-auto container spreader

  • Spreader length: 10ft, 29ft, 40ft, 45ft available
  • WLL 32T and 36T for the 20ft version; WLL 40T for the 40ft version
  • Complete structure S355J2+N & Twistlocks F-1252
  • 2 sets of galvanised wires