Reduce cost and Increase Productivity and Safety with Our Quality Lashing Equipment
tec container lashing equipment

Tec Container Asia Pacific, an authorised dealer of Tec Container S.A., is proud to announce that a wide range of container/Ro-Ro lashing equipment are being launched in the Asia Pacific region, including some popular lashing products such as D-rings, lashing bars, semi-automatic twistlocks, lifting lugs and turnbuckles. Tec Container S.A. has 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing lashing equipment since the year 1976. All of Tec Container’s lashing equipment are made to meet both international and local standards.

Keeping your people and container loads safe is one of your top priorities. We, Tec Container, believe that securing and fastening equipment play a vital role in keeping container loads and your people safe while they are being transported. The loads may be affected during the journey, and it is the securing equipment that ensures the items arrive at the destination safely.

Choosing reliable, quality securing equipment like our container lashing products assures the loads are properly secured, avoiding possible drops or spills that may cause damage to the items being transported.

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