South Port NZ Improves Safety with TEC CONTAINER Lashing Cage
BA-185 lashing cage at South Port NZ - TEC CONTAINER

Tec Container Asia Pacific has recently delivered a 20-foot BA-185B lashing cage to South Port NZ Ltd in Bluff, situated on South Island, New Zealand. The safety/lashing cages were purchased to enhance the productivity and safety for the stevedores and operators at the terminal and has been in operation since early 2022.

The BA-185 series lashing cages are designed to improve the safety of stevedores and port operators, and to facilitate the access to the container twist locks, optimising the process of the unloading of the vessels

Over the last few decades, Tec Container’s lashing cages have become the one of the safest in the world, which is one of the reasons our customers choose Tec Container lashing cages over competition. Other advantages of Tec Container lashing cages include long durability of the cages and our continuous customer support. Our engineers at the factory constantly improve the design of the lashing cages in order to facilitate the operations and ergonomics for stevedores.

20-foot lashing cage TEC CONTAINER in New Zealand

Main Specifications of the Lashing Cage BA-185B:

  • 2 doors for stevedores at the long side of the cage
  • Dimensions equivalent to ISO containers 20’ or 40’
  • Safety factor 10 (MBL = SWL x 10)
  • Safe working load (SWL) = 6t
  • Capacity for four persons with complete working equipment

Safety cage from TEC CONTAINER at South Port New Zealand

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