Tec Container’s Green Energy Overheight Frame bound for Napier Port
tec container overheight frame napier port

Napier Port in New Zealand has ordered delivery of a BA-030ET Overheight Frame from Tec Container Asia Pacific. The Frame is presently in transit from the Factory in Madrid and due to arrive at Napier Port early January to allow for assembly, commissioning and training.

The BA-030ET fully electric and telescopic overheight frame is one of Tec Container’s success stories. There are 2 overheight frames operating successfully with Victoria International Container Terminal in Melbourne, where Steve Wilson commented that “The machines are terrific and the troops are extremely happy with them”. With the delivery of this Frame, there will now be 106 averheight frames operating in 24 countries including Australia, New Zealand and Philippines.

About the Green Energy Overheight Frames

The BA-030E series overheight frames represent the most advanced solution in managing over-sized cargo in a Port. The frame is fully automatic with a solar-powered battery to run signal lighting and acoustic signals to maximise workers’ safety.

Tec Container over height frame attached to a reachstacker

The BA-030E is an automatic attachment for spreaders, designed for handling oversized containers, flat racks and platforms. Tec’s model is a universal frame that can be picked up by any ISO spreaders with no need of any extra modifications.

Tec Container overheight frame attached to a straddle carrier

Twistlocks are locked/unlocked automatically thanks to a fully electric mechanism which is in compliance with every safety standards.


Tare  see CE Plate
Emissions  non-applicable, fully electric
Power supply  autonomous 24V DC supplied by two 12V gel batteries 110Ah
Recharging System  solar panels + automatic battery charger (optional)
Noise level  Up to 116dB (A) at 1m
SWL  up to 50t
Free height  up to 3m

Here is a video showing the frame in operation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RoWl2tlClyw&t=1s

For more product information about Tec Container Asia Pacific, please send us an enquiry here.