Introducing Our Brand-New Semi-Auto Container Spreader

At Tec Container, we never stop innovating and breaking new ground with new product offerings. We are introducing the newly designed BA-350S semi-automatic container spreader. Here are some of the new features:

  • Newly designed floating twist-locks that can be easily removed and replaced when they are damaged
  • Modular construction: spreader heads are removable and interchangeable, thus making the replacement much easier than ever before
  • The corners of the spreader have been enhanced and reinforced

Container Spreader - Crane and reach stacker attachement

The new BA-350S semi-automatic container spreader is ideal for any port/container terminals, stevedoring companies and crane operators etc. It comes in as 20-foot (SWL 32T, 36T) and 40-foot (SWL 40T) variants. The container spreader is equipped with high-quality components that are made of the best materials in the market, ensuring its long durability and reliability during its entire life span.

Please check out this video showing this spreader in operation:

Technical Specs:

  • WLL 32T for the 20ft spreader, customisable to 36T
  • WLL 40T for the 40ft spreader
  • Customisable sizes available: 10ft and 45ft
  • Safety landing pins
  • Colour and logo upon customer request

Contact our team today for a competitive pricing on our new BA-350S spreaders:

Tec Container Asia Pacific services the Asia Pacific region with Container Spreaders and crane and reach stacker attachments.

Some area’s we work in are : Australia, New Zealand. We also supply and maintain container spreaders in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and most of the Southeast Asian Countries.