Different Types of Overheight Frames

Overheight frames are a great tool to improve productivity and to reduce slow operations when handling open top containers, flat racks and over-sized cargo in general. At the same time, it significantly increases the safety and security of the stevedores during those operation. Since Overheight Frames first appeared in the market, more than a decade [...]

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How Does a Gondola Safety Cage Work?

Over the past decades, safety has become increasingly important in the maritime/container cargo handling industry. However, many container terminals and port operators are still hesitant about adopting a gondola-type safety cage. Tec Container prides itself on designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art safety cages that are suitable for any container terminals, port operators and stevedoring companies. [...]

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Trends in the Container Handling Industry

Based on Tec Container Asia Pacific’s observations, the port operation and container cargo handling industry has witnessed a rapid and strong growth in the last five years globally. This is largely due to the strong demand in the logistics and shipping sectors and global trade volumes. IBIS World predicts that the industry is projected [...]

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INTERVIEW with our Technical Manager

We have commenced a new series of interviews with our people, a way to get acquainted with the persons who stay behind each and every solution TEC offers. In this interview, we have the pleasure to present you David Arribas – Technical Director Question: To be before the team that researches, designs and develops new products [...]

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The Hazards of Defective Spreaders

New technologies and advancements have enabled the material handling industry to access a wide range of equipment. However, these advances have given rise to counterfeit and poor quality imitations. At Tec Container Asia Pacific, we believe that customers always want reliable and dependable products. So it is of vital importance that our customers are [...]

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